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Digital health

Our digital health literacy program helps everyday people make informed, confident choices to support their health and wellbeing online. Whether it’s learning how to use government health apps or find reliable health information, our digital health programs are here to help.

Free online learning

This program brings together free online learning that we create and points to other great resources.

Organisations in our network use this collection to help them run their programs on digital health topics like finding reliable online mental health support and using government health apps like My Health Record. 

Beautiful young overweight woman using digital tablet at home

Support to run your programs

We offer training and free resources to help community organisations run digital health programs.

Digital Health grants for community organisations

Our Digital Health grants help organisations run digital skills programs focused on health and wellbeing. 

Grants are available occasionally through this program. You may also like to consider how our Be Connected program grants can be used to support people aged over 50 in your community to learn digital health skills. Organisations must be a member of our network to apply.