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Advocating for change

Closing the digital divide for good is important to us and our community. But, our programs alone won’t fix the problem.

That’s why we work hard to advocate for change so everyone can benefit from the digital world.

We support community organisations across Australia to run digital inclusion programs that make a real difference in people's lives.

Our network partners get access to grant funding, specialist training, free resources and support from Good Things. And, they get this support for free.

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Advocating for more support

We believe everyone should have access to effective, community-based support to learn essential digital skills. That’s why we advocate for tailored programs to support more people at risk of being left behind. Plus, we make sure our calls for more support are solutions focused.

Educating on the digital divide

Did you know 1 in 4 people in Australia are digitally excluded? And, some people are more likely to be left behind than others? We help people learn about the digital divide and the supports available, so everyone can be safely, confidently and affordably online.

Raising the voices of people we support

We raise the voices of people more at risk of being left behind in the digital world, and those who support them. We want decision makers, researchers and everyday people to hear their stories and learn about how digital inclusion support can change lives.

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