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Health My Way: Navigating Digital Health Literacy

Are you ready to help your community understand digital health? This handbook is filled with useful information and practical tips for Digital Health Mentors working in community organisations.

The “Health My Way: Digital Health Mentor Handbook” is a comprehensive guide produced by Good Things Australia.

It aims to empower Digital Health Mentors in community organisations to support individuals in improving their health and well-being through digital means. The handbook covers topics such as tailoring support to learners’ needs, engaging people, session planning and preparation, tools to support program delivery, and more. It includes resources like session plans, tip sheets, recommendations for trusted websites and apps, and practical preparation tips for delivering effective health literacy programs. The handbook emphasizes the importance of maintaining confidentiality, understanding the different types of learners, and engaging the community through events to promote digital health literacy. Additionally, it highlights the need for further support and offers contact information for assistance.