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Investment in digital inclusion needed to ensure no one is left behind

Our key recommendations for the 2023/24 Federal Budget. See our budget submission.

With 1 in 4 Australians still not having the essential digital skills or affordable access to devices they need to fully participate in today’s society, further investment in digital inclusion initiatives is essential to make sure no one is left behind.

Our pre-budget submission includes four recommendations for the Australian Government to address in the 2023/24 Federal Budget.

Our recommendations:

  1. Re-fund the Be Connected essential digital skills program for older Australians for a further five years (2024 – 2029) to support an additional 1 million people.
  2. Expand Be Connected to support priority groups, investing in tailored digital skills programs and digital media literacy training for adults aged 18-50.
  3. Ensure all Australians have access to affordable digital devices and data so they can fully participate in the digital world.
  4. Fund the creation and implementation of a government-led national digital inclusion strategy so all Australians benefit from a coordinated approach.

Download our Federal Budget submission to read more.

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