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Digital Inclusion for Queenslanders Consultation: Our submission

Here's what we believe the Queensland Government should do to ensure that everyone benefits from digital technologies equally, as it creates the state's future Digital Economy Strategy.

Digital inclusion is a driver of social inclusion in every state and territory across Australia. It provides access to information, services, connections with the community and greater employment and education opportunities.

Good Things Foundation’s programs and initiatives have an active presence in Queensland. Through our network and programs, we have supported Queenslanders to cross the digital divide, but there is more work to do to ensure everyone can equally benefit from the digital economy.

That is why we have put forward the following recommendations towards Queensland’s Digital Economy Strategy consultation.

We have asked that:

  • a formal digital inclusion plan is created, implemented and fully funded, to ensure all Queenslanders can equally benefit from the digital economy and society.
  • the Queensland Government focuses digital ability and resilience efforts on supporting key communities not already supported by other initiatives, including under 50’s, low income families, people with disability, First Nations peoples, new migrants and refugees, and women.
  • the Queensland Government creates permanent affordable access measures, including funding a Queensland Digital Devices & Data Bank, operating like a Food Bank, to support people struggling to afford appropriate tech with free devices and data.

To find out more about our recommendations to promote digital inclusion throughout Queensland, download our consultation submission below.

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