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“Thumbs Up If” Icebreaker: Engaging Learners Online

Start your digital skills session with this fun and interactive icebreaker game! See how well your group knows each other's digital skills and have a few laughs along the way.

The ‘Thumbs Up If’ icebreaker is a fun game to play to start a digital skills support session. It can work in small or big groups. It takes about 10 mins.

The ‘Thumbs Up If’ icebreaker is a quick and enjoyable way to introduce digital skills support sessions. By answering a series of online-related questions with hand gestures, learners get a chance to have fun, build rapport, and gauge each other’s digital knowledge. This game fosters a relaxed learning environment and sets the stage for a productive session.


To provide an opportunity for the learners to have fun while answering questions about being online. It also provides an insight into the level of digital knowledge and skills held by each learner. 

How to 

  1. Learners introduce themselves.
  2. The facilitator explains to the group they will be reading out a short list of questions about being online. 
  3. Each learner responds to the question with a hand gesture
  4. After each question is answered, the facilitator says how many of each response was given eg “We had one yes and two no’s”.
  5. End the game by saying how their answers connect to what they are going to learn today.

Hand gestures:

  • To answer Yes to the question they give a thumbs up. 
  • To answer Sometimes to the question they point their finger sideways.
  • To answer No to the question they give a thumbs down.  


Learners have fun and get to know each other and the facilitator. This helps to create a safe space for learning.


Read each question out loud to the group. Encourage the learners to move their thumbs according to their answers (Yes, Sometimes, No)


  1. Are you excited to be here? 
  2. Do you enjoy being online? 
  3. Do you feel safe online? 
  4. Do you need help to get online? 
  5. Who likes using Facebook?
  6. Who listens to music online? 
  7. Do you use YouTube to watch videos?
  8. Have you joined a Zoom meeting before? 
  9. Do you like to play games online?
  10. Who wants to have some fun?

Personalise this game

Add your own questions to this list. Pick questions that relate to what you are going to teach. We suggest not doing more than 10 questions in total.

Change up the gestures or reactions so they are accessible to your group of learners. For example, instead of a thumbs up they could raise their hands above their head, hold up a printed sign with a green tick on it, or even shout “Yes!”

Top tip: Download this resource in .docx format using the button below to take it into your next digital skills session or personalise it with your own questions.

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