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Using our Conversation Cards 

Learn how to use our new online safety conversation cards to start conversations with the people you help.

We know that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when helping people to learn digital skills and to stay safer online. So, in collaboration with our partners at Down Syndrome Australia, we have created a fun pack of conversation cards which we are delighted to now share with you. 

These cards provide a fun and educational way to get a conversation started and teach digital skills. 

We are so excited about how they turned out! We hope they will help you to support everyone to be safer and more confident online. 

What are Conversation Cards?

Every pack contains 16 conversation starter cards.  On the front of each card you will find a key topic.  On the back of the card is a set of questions designed to help you start a conversation about the topic. This will help you to identify what your learners already know about the topic, encourage learners to problem solve and allows you to share tips and hints to support your learners ongoing digital skills development. 

Designed for people with limited digital skills and in easy to read language, the Conversation Cards aim to show what is possible by going online but more importantly how to do it safely. 

4 Conversation cards from the pack

Each card has a link to a website where you can learn more about that topic, access free online courses, short videos and tipsheets. 

These cards are an ideal way to start conversations with your individual learners or groups of learners. 

The 16 Conversation Card topics are:

  • How to use these cards (instruction card)
  • Talk about what you enjoy
  • Online safety
  • Online privacy
  • Scam emails and texts
  • Online shopping
  • Who you can trust
  • Meeting new people online
  • Meeting in person
  • Fake information
  • Upsetting information
  • Trolls
  • Rude pictures
  • Apps
  • Online games
  • Getting help

How do I use them?

How you use the Conversation Cards is totally up to you. But, here are three ideas to get you started.

Conversation Card Icebreaker

Use one of the cards as a 10 minute icebreaker activity at the start of your group session.  It will help to get people talking about the things they know about and encourage people to share with others. This builds learner confidence and creates social connections if there is someone else in the group that does the same things.  

For example, start with the “What you enjoy” card. 

Read out the first question, “What do you enjoy about going online?” Give everyone a few minutes to share what they enjoy doing online. 

Read out the second question, “What would you like to do online that you cannot do yet?” and give everyone a few minutes to share that info too.

To finish, recap the discussion focussing on the topics identified and the similarities within the group. Pick out one or two things from the discussion that you will be covering with them that day or in future, so they can look forward to it.  

In your next session, pick another card related to the topic you will be covering and use that as your ice breaker activity.

Top tip: Laminate the Conversation Cards to make them last longer and to allow you to wipe them down.

Start a conversation with someone you care for

If you support a young person to learn digital skills, such as a young adult with intellectual disability, you can use these cards as a reference to help bring up tricky topics.

Choose a time when things are quieter and you are together, such as a car trip or walking the dog.

For example, before you get in a car or get the dog ready, look at the “Trolls” card. Bring up the questions on the back of the card as a conversation starter on your journey. Have a chat about the questions on that card, and understand their experience and knowledge about trolls. Share your own experience and knowledge too.

Offer to support them when you get home if they bring up something concerning or you both discover that more could be learnt on that topic.

Top tip: Use our free online learning resources to help you answer any questions that come up.

Activity – Online privacy

If you are planning to deliver a digital skills session on the topic of “Online privacy” you could use this card. Use the questions on the back of the card as a conversation starter and then have the learners practise the skills identified in the conversation.  

For example, they may bring up privacy around telehealth appointments. When in a video call with a doctor they can wear headphones and sit in a quiet place to keep the conversation more private. Practice connecting headphones to a Zoom call with the person learning.

Top tip: Use our session plan templates and resources to design your digital skills support session.

How can I get a pack of Conversation Cards?

To keep the fun and learning continuing order your Conversation Cards here –

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