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Save money and compare prices online

Check how you can save money and compare prices online to find the best deals.
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Did you know some simple tips can save you money? Here are our 5 tips to compare prices and save money

Check state government apps for concessions and rebates

Compare petrol prices before you leave home

Compare grocery prices on supermarket websites

Know your comparison sites

Ask for a discount on your mobile phone and internet plan. Concession card holders, students and seniors may be eligible.

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There are many ways you can use a device and the internet to help you save money.

These tips can help you to compare prices and secure great deals.

Concessions and rebates

With the cost of everyday items soaring its always helpful to be able to access a voucher or a rebate. Official state government services apps and websites provide information on discounts, rebates and concessions available on services like travel, health, drivers licences, car registration and electricity.

Take a look now using your smartphone, tablet or computer to see if you are eligible and start saving money now!

Top tip: All official websites of an Australian, state or territory government use in their website address (URL).

Compare petrol prices

Websites and apps dedicated to sharing real-time petrol prices can help you find the cheapest options nearby. Each state and territory may have a different platform, so check your state government website for their recommendations.

Top tip: Before you start driving, take the time to look up and compare petrol prices.

Internet and mobile phone plans

If you hold a pensioner’s concession, seniors, or healthcare card, you may be able to get discounts on your internet or mobile phone plans. Students, people receiving government income support, or those experiencing financial hardship, domestic violence or low income families may also qualify for special offers.

Top tip: If you are finding it hard to pay your phone or internet bill, look up your telco’s ‘financial hardship’ policy on their website or give them a call. They will be able to discuss with you the support options available.

Comparison sites

Comparison websites are a great time saver as they save you time searching the internet for the information you need. Popular sites such as WhistleOut, CompareTheMarket and CHOICE allow you to compare prices and read reviews. Be aware they may charge you a membership fee or earn a commission when you click on or buy items through their links.

Top tip: Check out the ‘About us’ section on websites to learn more about who runs the site and how they make money. This can often help to decide if they are credible and if you trust their advice.

Save on groceries

Create a ready to go shopping list by using the notes app on your smartphone. Most smartphones include a free calculator app to help you keep track of your expenses as you shop.

Major supermarkets have their own apps and websites that allow you to make shopping lists, view specials and even buy your groceries online. Lots of supermarkets advertise their specials midweek so consider doing your shopping then. Remember to add in delivery fees when shopping online!

Top tip: Compare your shopping lists on different supermarket websites to find the cheapest prices.

Keep learning

The website has information on managing money and getting support if you are facing financial hardship.

The Be Connected and Good Things Learning websites have free tips and courses on how to use your device and the internet safely, including on accessing government services. Visit and Learn digital skills to get started.