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Get connected affordably

Getting started online can be expensive. A few simple tips can help you to save money when connecting to the internet.

Getting started online can be expensive. A few simple tips can help you to save money when connecting to the internet.

If you want to get online but are struggling with the cost of getting connected, there are a couple of things you can try to make it more affordable.

Internet & mobile phone plan discounts

If you have a pensioner’s concession, seniors, or healthcare card, you may be eligible for discounted internet or mobile phone plans. Other people who may be eligible for discounted or special offers to stay connected include university students, people on government income support, distance education students, people who are homeless or in financial hardship, people experiencing domestic violence and families on low incomes.

Top tip: ACCAN has created a list of the programs and offers available to help you to stay connected (

Understand your plan

When you use the internet to watch videos, read the news or browse social media, you use data. If you use the internet on your mobile phone or at home, your mobile or broadband plan will include a certain amount of data. If you run out of data quickly, or have lots left over at the end of the billing cycle, you may be on the wrong plan and paying more than you need to.

Top tip: Shop around to find the best plan foryou. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you understand what the different offers mean.

Check your bill each month to look for any unexpected charges. If you have any questions, contact your telco.

Top tip: It can be hard to compare different phone and internet plans. Online comparison websites such as WhistleOut or Finder can help you to do this. Not every option you find will be available in your area, so check before signing up.

Access to devices

Smartphones, tablets, and computers can be expensive. Think about what you want to do online so you get a device that meets your needs, rather than a more expensive one with all the bells and whistles. See if your local community organisation has any devices they can lend you, or that you can use in their centre. Some organisations also offerfree data or Wi-Fi.

Top tip: Some organisations in the Be Connected program offer free, short term loan devices for people over 50. Contact 1300 795 897 to find out more.

Learn more

Get up to speed on internet and mobile phone jargon to help you find the most affordable option through the free Be Connected program:

ACCAN’s Talking Telco resources provide tips on choosing plans and what you can do if you think you have been overcharged:

Our thanks to our Official Supporters ACCAN & Anti-Poverty Week for their collaboration on these tips.