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Video: How this program helps.

We've partnered with Down Syndrome Australia to help young people with intellectual disability to get online confidently and safely. Find out about why this is important and how you can get involved in this video.

This video explains why the Bridge Initiative is important and how it helps people with intellectual disability to get online more safely and confidently.

Use this video to explain your work or encourage people to join your digital skills sessions.

Help young people with disability get online

NARRATOR: Feeling confident and safe online is more important than ever. That’s why Good Things Foundation Australia has teamed up with Down Syndrome Australia. We’ve launched a new program supporting young people with intellectual disability to improve their digital skills [Music]

JESS: We are really thrilled to be working with Down Syndrome Australia on this really exciting project and we just can’t wait for you to get involved. So we have co-designed these resources with young people with intellectual disability and their supporters and it’s all about building their online skills and confidence. These resources are built for all people with different learning styles. So whether it’s using it in a classroom setting or it’s using it at home or maybe with a group of friends there’s different resources to help you to learn something new.

ROHAN: Its fun and educational. So I recommend learning how to use technology for yourself or with some help from your parents.

DEB: Well technology helps Rowan be independent and there’s always new skills to learn. It also helps keep him safe because he can send through either pictures of mail that’s come that might be a scam or an email that he’s concerned about.

ROHAN: I just reckon got enjoy what apps you have on your iPad and play games if you feel like to play games.

DEB: There’s a lot of benefits in using technology as a family group who have someone with a disability. I really do believe it’s one thing at a time and feel confident about that and then try something else.

JESS: We want to say a huge thank you to all of our partners in delivering this program, so Down Syndrome Australia in particular, but also to our funders the Department of Social Services and the auDA Foundation. So now it’s time to get started! [Music]