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Learning activity cards! How to use them and why we made them

Find out how to use the activity cards included in the event marketing pack.

We are thrilled to announce that this year we will have again our digital skills Activity Cards included in every printed marketing pack for event holders this Get Online Week.

Every year for Get Online Week, the Good Things Foundation team has a good think about how we can keep learning digital skills fun for the people we are supporting. And we all loved these activity cards, so this year, we made an extended version of 24.

We are so excited about how they turned out. We hope they will help our community partners to support everyone to be safe and confident online, not just during Get Online Week, but for many years to come.

What are these Activity Cards anyway?

Every pack contains 24 playing cards, each with a different learning activity and topic. The 24 Activity Cards each have a main 5-10 minute learning activity, plus a bonus extension activity for those who are further along their digital skills journey.

Designed for people with limited digital skills, they aim to show what is possible by going online. By using the cards to support people to try one thing new around fun everyday activities, they will also build their confidence at getting online.

We deliberately kept the instructions simple and short, encouraging people to have a go and learn by doing. We find that lots of people with limited skills and confidence are worried about clicking the wrong thing or ‘breaking it’. By not spelling out each task in too much detail, the cards encourage people to use their problem solving digital skills to do new things online.

One of the cards even has the task of helping someone else to do something new online. We think anyone can be a digital mentor, as long as they are patient, friendly and happy to help.

Even if a person is just beginning their digital skills journey, the Help Others card encourages them to learn together with someone else by sharing tips and building confidence in the knowledge they do have.

The 24 Activity Cards topics are:

  • Help others to get online (including how to use the cards)
  • Be scam aware
  • Become a history buff
  • Bullet point lists
  • Make a shopping list
  • Get directions
  • Find your favourite song
  • Selfies
  • Update your privacy settings
  • Listen to the radio
  • Get ready for emergencies
  • Check the weather
  • Check your data
  • Compare prices
  • Find a phone number
  • Record a video
  • Love a plant
  • Search for reliable health info
  • Make a video call
  • Scan a QR code
  • Budget your money
  • Funny animals
  • Read easy
  • Sweet tooth

How do I use them?

How you use the Activity Card pack is totally up to you. But, here are three ideas to get you started.

Activity Card Icebreaker

Hand out one card per learner or pair of learners at the start of your group digital skills session or Get Online Week event.

Give everyone 5 to 10 minutes to do the activity on their card as a fun icebreaker and warm-up activity to the rest of the session. Some of your learners may need help getting started, so be prepared to jump in and give some helpful tips for each activity. You may also want to facilitate an environment where peer-sharing and learning is encouraged.

Next session or event, switch cards during the ice breaker so everyone can have a go at another activity.

Top tip: Laminate the Activity Cards to make them last longer and be cleanable.

Activity Cooking session

If you are planning to have a BBQ, morning tea or a cooking session as your Get Online week event, you can use that time to jump into different topics and resolve questions.

Picking a random card can be the starting point for a longer conversation and can encourage your assistants to ask their own questions then. You can ask them if they know how to do that activity and if they have any tips or questions. Invite them to get their phone and try it.

Top tip: Use our session plan templates and resources to design your digital skills support session or event.

Jump on board

This is one of our favourite event ideas, rotate through different digital skills ‘stations’ to learn essential tips and tricks.

The cards can be the activity they must do at each stop. You can choose and leave a card at the station.

For example, Stop 1: ‘Check the weather’ they have to search for a weather app and show you how the weather will be this day. You check their phone and help them if they have any questions. Then they can go to the next stop.

Stop 2: ‘Funny animals’ They have to search in Google for a photo of their favourite animal and show it to you, extra points if they find a funny video on Youtube. Then they can go to the next stop.

Stop 3: ‘Scan a QR code’ Ask them to scan the QR code on the card, be aware that some of them may not know how to do it or could need to download an app, assist them at any time.

Top tip: Check out this video and learn how to use your activity cards.

Top tip: Review more event ideas and think about how you can adapt them using the activity cards.

How do I get my hands on the Activity Cards?

The activity cards are included in the free marketing pack for all 2024 Get Online Week event holders.