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Try helping others get online

If you feel confident navigating the internet and using your device, why not show a friend or loved one how to do it too!

If you feel confident navigating the internet and using your device, why not show a friend or loved one how to do it too! There are several things you can do to show someone the benefits of getting online and help them to learn new skills:

Don’t do it for them

People retain knowledge and skills better if they put into practice what they’re learning. Taking a hands off approach when you’re showing someone how to use a device or navigating the internet will help them feel more confident at picking up their device and giving things a go when you’re not around.

Use their hobbies and interests to motivate them

The person you’re sitting with will be more motivated to learn how to use their device if you show them how it will have a positive effect on their everyday life.

Does the person like gardening? Show them a gardening website. Cooking? Show them some cooking tutorials on YouTube. Relating skills back to real life examples will also help motivate people to learn more.

Be patient

Patience is key when showing someone anything new forthe first time, and using a device and the internet is no different. People learn in different ways and at different speeds. Some will pick it up straight away while others like to go overthings a few times to make sure they’ve got it right. Appreciating this and congratulating them on little milestones will help keep people on track and their confidence increasing.

Don’t expect too much too quickly

If someone’s never used a device or the internet before, they won’t become confident using it on their own straight away. As with any new skill, it takes time to develop the knowledge needed to feel good about using the internet. Managing their expectations will help prevent them from feeling like they’re not understanding it quick enough orthat it’s too much to learn.

Be aware of tools to help you help them

There are lots of resources and tools on the internet to help people get to grips with their device and the internet. Have a look around and see what you can find to help them broaden their knowledge and increase their confidence. Our tips for getting online page has lots of ideas to help people try one thing new online.

Top Tip: The Be Connected Learning Portal contains over 100 free courses for people to work their way through if they’re new to using a device or the internet. Bookmark it to help them get to the courses.

Top Tip: You can get free and friendly support to learn digital skills at a Get Online Week event. Find help near you here.

Host a Get Online Week event

Help others get online by hosting a Get Online Week event for your community or colleagues in your workplace or community organisation. Check out our event ideas here to get you started and apply for one of our grants to help fund your activity (grants close 5 August 2022).

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