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Our 2023 tips for getting online

Learn a few tips and tricks for getting online. Use them and share it with others.

Click the buttons below to find information that can help you or someone you support to improve their skills and confidence when getting online. All of our tips are available in a printable pdf and include links to finding more support.

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Stay safer online

Learning how to use your smartphone, tablet or computer can open up many new opportunities and experiences!

Get Online Week is the perfect time to start learning how to use your device and the internet confidently and safely. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop, there are many benefits to learning how to use it to access the internet.

Read our tips to stay safer online

Find reliable information online

Not everything you see online can be trusted.

Knowing how to identify reliable information is a handy skill to have and can help to keep you and your community safer online.

Read our tips to find reliable information online

Save money and compare prices online

There are many ways you can use a device and the internet to help you save money.

These tips can help you to compare prices and secure great deals.

Read our tips to save money and compare prices online

Make your device easier to use

There are lots of things you can do to make your smartphone, tablet or computer easier to use.

Our tips can help if you find it hard to hear, see or press the buttons on your device.

Online banking security

Digital banking makes managing your finances easy. You can pay bills, transfer money and access your accounts anytime anywhere.

But, it’s important to follow a few simple steps to stay safer and more secure when using online banking.

Read our tips on safer online banking

More support

We have more tips for getting online available. Have a look and learn more digital skills.

If you or someone you know needs an extra helping hand to improve their smartphone, tablet or computer skills, our friendly network of community partners is here to help. Use our map to find a Get Online Week event near you or call us on 1300 795 897 to be matched up with a local partner.