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Make your device easier to use

Our tips to make your devices easier to use and accesible to everyone.

There are lots of things you can do to make your smartphone, tablet or computer easier to use.

Our tips can help if you find it hard to hear, see or press the buttons on your device.

Video Transcript

Did you know you can make your phone or computer easier to use?

Here are our 5 tips to help you to hear, see and press buttons on your device

Check for free ‘accessibility’ settings on your phone or computer

Increase the text size to make words easier to read

Use the volume up button to make video calls easier to hear

Turn on ‘closed captions’ in videos to read what is being said

Turn on virtual assistants to talk to your device instead of pressing buttons

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Helpful free features

Most smartphones, tablets and modern computers have special settings you can turn on to make it easier to hear, see or use.

Check the ‘accessibility’ settings on your device to find what yours can do for free.

Top tip: The settings section is usually shown using a cog or wheel icon.

Easier to see

If you’re finding it hard to read the words on your screen, increase the text size in your accessibility settings.

You can also try changing the colours on your screen. This setting is often called ‘dark mode’ or ‘inverting’ the colours.

Top tip: Some apps and settings can read the words on screen and write messages for you.

Easier to hear

Use the volume up button on your device to make it easier to hear videos and calls. Some hearing aids use bluetooth to connect directly to your device.

Top tip: Turn on ‘closed captions’ in videos to read what is being said.

Easier to use

Try magnifying your screen or using a special stylus pen if you struggle with small buttons on touchscreens. Turn on virtual assistants like Siri and Google so you can talk to your device instead of pressing buttons.

Top tip: Say “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google” out loud followed by the task you want your virtual assistant to do.

Keep learning

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Our thanks to our Accessibility Partner Guide Dogs for their collaboration on these tips. Learn more: