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Try shopping online

You can buy almost anything online - and getting started is really easy.

Internet shopping is not only a convenient way of buying things, but it can save you money and time too. You can find all sorts of deals and vouchers for the things you want online.

Shopping online

Some websites sell discounted products and services, such as coupons for restaurants and shops.

Top tip: Find the best deals by using price comparison sites.

These sites search the web to find the best price on products, and others find the best deals on services like insurance, energy and broadband.

Top tip: To shop online you will need to have an email address to receive important updates on your purchases, including delivery and receipts. You may also need a mobile phone number.

Know your rights

Just like at the shops, it’s important to know your consumer rights when shopping online.

Top tip: You can cancel or return most items you buy. Your consumer rights are just as good when you shop online.

Always read the terms and conditions before you buy anything — they’re an agreement between you and the seller, so make sure you understand them.

Top tip: Read the small print.

Protecting your details

Shopping online means providing certain pieces of information, like your debit or credit card number. Being worried is understandable, but just a few common sense steps can help you stay safe.

Never email your details to make a payment and don’t reveal your PIN number or bank details to anyone. You will never need your card’s PIN number to make an online purchase.


When you shop online, you may come across reviews. These are posted by people like you who’ve already bought a product. Reviewers can give their opinions on an item, but also on customer service and delivery.

Top tip: Delivery fees are usually charged on top of the price of the item you are buying. Check the FAQs or Terms & Conditions to see what the delivery fees may be for your area before you decide to buy from that website.

Keep learning

The Be Connected website can help you get started with online shopping. There are beginners’ courses on keeping your details and money safe while finding bargains. Visit to get started.